Personalized Medieval Dagger with Hand-Dyed, Silk-Wrapped Grip

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  • A Beautiful, One-of-a-Kind Gift
  • Comes with Free Text Engraving
  • Grip is Wrapped in a Gorgeous, Hand-Dyed, Taper-Stitched Silk.
  • Beautifully Sculpted Hilt
  • Sophisticated and Elegant
  • Add an optional Frame of Divider Graphic (see product images for choices)
  • Upgrade to LIGHTSTORMâ„¢ Deep Engraving for a Truly Masterful Look
Free Text Engraving! You can also add an optional frame or divider graphic, or your own custom image. This item is eligible for optional LIGHTSTORMâ„¢ deep engraving, which comes with text and a frame of your choice (see below for more on that).

So, this item is basically our Custom Engraved Lionheart Dagger with a beautiful, taper-stitched, silk wrap upgrade on the grip.
The Lionheart Dagger is a lovely homage to the dignified style of King Richard. (Fun fact: Richard's father sent him to England to be king because he was partying and causing too much trouble in France! Treu story, look it up!) There is a subtlety to this blade that appears only in designs meant for nobility. A timeless grace that implies quality, class and nobility.

The entire hilt is tastefully cast in brass, with opulent carvings along the grip, an understated cross on the pommel, and guards tapering into lion heads. The tip of the scabbard is similarly cast in brass and "gilded" with Richard's "R." A shield-shaped ecusson (fancy way of saying "badge." Try it next time you get pulled over! Cops love it when you ask to see their ecusson) lies just below the guards, bearing the three lions of England. (Fun fact: King Richard once tried to sell England to a friend of his! What a card!). The three lions are repeated on the scabbard's brass tip. The scabbard itself is a gorgeously muted burgundy color.

This personalized dagger is 16 inches long, overall, with a 9 inch, satin-finish stainless blade (unsharpened). This majestic dagger is a perfect gift for anyone with refined tastes. We'll engrave the blade for you, with one or two lines of text. If you want something fancier engraved, send us a note. We can add graphics, logos, glitter. Whatever you want. Um. Okay, not glitter.

About LIGHTSTORMâ„¢ Deep Engraving:
Mantra Immortal uses high-powered lasers to burn away the metal around your text. Yeah, lasers! I know right? We’re talking Han Solo type stuff. Except Han can’t engrave text on a sword blade, can he? Our lasers also create intricate patterns around the text, adding depth, elegance and stimulating contrast. The result? Gorgeous engravings that make any gift look like an heirloom. We don’t know of anyone else customizing their products in this fashion. LIGHTSTORM™ comes with a free frame around your text and a free sigil (if you want).