Robin Hood Dagger, Made in Toledo, Spain

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• Free Text Engraving!
• A Stunning Artistic Imagining of Robin Hood’s Dagger
• Made in Toledo, Spain!
• Meticulous Details, Including a Celtic Cross Pommel with Inset faux Ruby
• 17” in Overall Length
• 11” Unsharpened, Stainless Steel Blade
• Aged Brass-Finish Alloy Handle
• Cross of St. George Inset in Enameled Steel on the Grip
• Gloriously Etched Panel of St. George Slaying the Dragon on Blade
• Matching Leather Sheath with Decorative Brass-Finish Accents and Lion Face

ENGRAVING: ***Free Text Engraving! Go through the product images to see your font choices. You can add a frame/divider, one of our sigil graphics, or a custom image of yours. Just pick the frame/divider/sigil you want from the choices in the product images. For a custom-image, select the appropriate variation and send us a message with your custom image. And, if you want a breathtaking engraving style that you won't find anywhere else on the internet, choose LIGHTSTORM™ deep engraving. You won't be disappointed (scroll through the product images for examples of LIGHTSTORM™. Looking for something custom? Don't be shy! Send us a message and we'll work with you!***

About LIGHTSTORM™ Deep Engraving:
Mantra Immortal uses high-powered lasers to burn away the metal around your text. Yeah, lasers! I know right? We’re talking Han Solo type stuff. Except Han can’t engrave text on a sword blade, can he? Our lasers also create intricate patterns around the text, adding depth, elegance and stimulating contrast. The result? Gorgeous engravings that make any gift look like an heirloom. We don’t know of anyone else customizing their products in this fashion. LIGHTSTORM™ comes with a free frame around your text and a free sigil (if you want).