Statue of St George Slaying the Dragon (Mounted), Cold-Cast Bronze Finish, with Custom-Engraved Base

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  • • Stunning Sculpture of St George Slaying the Dragon
  • • Finished in Cold Cast Bronze and Pewter
  • • 9” Tall and 8 ½” inches long
  • • Meticulous Attention to Details
  • • Add a Base with Custom Engraved Plate for Handsome Personalization
  • • Seriously Cool Dragon Sculpt

**Add a personalized base with a custom-engraved plate to turn this sculpture into a gorgeous gift, trophy, bookend or award! Just select the Customized Base variation!**

Ah, St. George. A first-century man who was half Greek and half Palestinian, fought as a cavalry officer for the Roman Empire, and became the patron saint of England (and Georgia (the country, not the state)). Not to be mistaken for George of Cappadocia, who was born in Anatolia and became hated in Alexandria.

Confused yet? You're not alone. The lineage of this popular saint is a murky one, but everyone after the fifth century or so seems to agree that he might have killed a dragon. Or a really big snake. Or a particularly nasty chipmunk. Who knows? Whatever he did was pretty bad-ass, because several different countries adopted him as their saint and soldiers everywhere consider him their patron.

This bronzed statue of St. George celebrates the saint's mad fighting skills as takes down the dragon that made him famous. As with all our Celucia Series statues, the details are incredible. Details like the scrollwork on our Saint's armor, to the flaring nostrils and tossed mane of his horse. Each and every scale on the dragon's body has been carved, each tooth, even the creature's tongue has texture. Look closely at the feather in St George's helm. At the folds in his cape and the rocky surface under his steed. There is no question that these sculptures are crafted by a master. Either that or someone made a detailed cast of St. George's body, shrunk it down, and kept it for nearly 2000 years. In which case, it's a steal at this price!

The St. George statue stands nearly 9 inches high and 8 1/2" inches wide. It's finished in a cold-cast layer of bronze, with hints of hand-painted color --just enough to add warmth, style and life without looking garish. This isn't a cheesy plastic toy. This is a heavy, high-quality sculpture that feels as elegant as it looks. Choose the marble-base variation and you'll get free text engraving, so you can claim St. George as your own. Like half the countries in the world do.