Sword Hangars - Blue Rampant Lion - Display Your Swords Proudly and Lionily!

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What's the point of having a gorgeously engraved sword if you can't show it off in your home or office? Luckily, we carry all sorts of displays for you to rest your new hardware on.

These Rampant Lion hangers screw into your wall with anchor-screws, one next to the other. The sword guards rest on the these, so your sword will hang point down in all its splendor. The pegs are each spring loaded, so they extend outward an extra quarter inch for those portlier guards. These are easy and straightforward to mount. All hardware is included. Grab these now, because you know you'll keep forgetting to get some and your sword or dagger is going to sit in the basement gathering dust, until you set a sheet of plywood on it and then a pile of cat litter liners, and the sword will be lost for years. Is that what you really want? Well IS IT??

Sorry. Um. These are great. You should totally get some.