The Dexter - Custom-Engraved Knife - Enormous 10" Cleaver Folder, Heavy Duty All-Purpose Knife - Personalized

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  • Free Text Engraving!
  • Awesome All-Purpose Utility Knife
  • Large 10" Knife with 4.5" Razor-Style Stainless-Steel Blade
  • Cleaver-Style Blade for Powerful Chopping and Slicing
  • Extremely Strong, Rugged and Durable.
  • Extremely Sharp
  • With a Securely Mounted Belt Clip on Back
  • Delightful Stone-washed Texture for the Worn-In Look
  • Tonight's the Night!
  • Please Don't Buy This Knife if You're the Bay Harbor Butcher
  • Or Any Serial Killer
  • Or Any Killer at All, Really

***Free Text Engraving! Up to 50 characters on the blade (or handle if you want. Just specify. Although we can't fit as much text on handle).***