The Grimbrand Personalized Bastard Sword

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Free Text Engraving! You can also add an optional frame and/or sigil graphic, or your own custom image. This item is eligible for optional LIGHTSTORM™ deep engraving, which comes with a frame of your choice (see below for more on that)(LIGHTSTORM™ engravings must have a frame). And it gets better! The Grimbrand can be upgraded now with a stock or custom medallion embedded into the steel of the forte. See the product images for an example. A super-cool way to add enormous value to your sword without spending an enormous amount of money!

In 'The Beast of Maug Maurai' by Roberto Calas, House Grimbrand ruled Galadance for more than three hundred years, prizing honor above all else. Although the name 'Grimbrand' meant 'savage sword' in the old tongue, the knights of House Grimbrand embodied both fighting prowess *and* compassion. They were the fighting elite, but held to a strict code of gallantry, There was no worse enemy to find yourself in battle with, but there was no better foe to ask mercy from.

This bastard sword is a gorgeous rendering of the hand-and-a-half swords carried by the Knights of Grimbrand, and it is one of the finest, most elegant display swords we sell. (I'm not being angry or crude, by the way, "bastard sword" is an accepted term for swords that can be used one-handed or two-handed.) The weapon is 37 inches in overall length, long enough for excellent range, but short enough for lethal speed and balance. The blade is 27 1/2" inches of surgical stainless steel. with no fuller to interfere with engravings. And that's an important point if you want a personalized sword: The flat, diamond cross-sectioned blade holds engravings crisply and clearly.

The hilt of this bastard sword is masterfully designed--clean lines on the long grip, interrupted only by the stylish steel ring at the center. The stopper-type pommel is oversized for extra weight, which makes the Grimbrand a joy to hold and swing. Crisply angled guards with flaring tips and gold highlights complete the savage-but-refined look of this customizable sword. And yet, the look is not really complete until you add one of our optional hand-stitched, silk grip-wraps. Choose the colors of your crest from our selection of colors and we'll wrap part of the grip, leaving two stylish streamers of color to give flair to this beautiful sword. Oh, and did we mention that the Grimbrand comes with a leather-wrapped hardwood sheath that has graceful steel accents at the tip and throat?

If you're in the market for a sword, my friends, then you should head over to eBay or something. Yeah, I said that. Because the Grimbrand is more than just a sword. It's a customizable piece of art, a weapon that would make the Lady of the Lake throw down that sword of hers and take out her credit card. If you want a sword, they're easy to find online. But if you want a masterpiece of customized steel-art, than look no further, gentle visitor.

About LIGHTSTORM™ Deep Engraving:
Mantra Immortal uses high-powered lasers to burn away the metal around your text. Yeah, lasers! I know right? We’re talking Han Solo type stuff. Except Han can’t engrave text on a sword blade, can he? Our lasers also create intricate patterns around the text, adding depth, elegance and stimulating contrast. The result? Gorgeous engravings that make any gift look like an heirloom. We don’t know of anyone else customizing their products in this fashion. LIGHTSTORM™ comes with a free frame around your text.