Toledo Steel Mercenary Dagger Reproduction with Free Text Engraving - Made in Spain

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• That’s Right! We Said Free Text Engraving!
• Add Optional Graphics or Your Own Images
• Add Optional Silk Grip Wrap in Choice of Colors for Style & Personalization
• Dagger was Made in Toledo Spain!
• Yeah, We Said Toledo, Spain!
• Beautifully Crafted, 15 ½” In Overall Length
• 10 ½” Unsharpened Stainless Steel Blade
• Rugged Stainless Steel Guard and Pommel
• Grip Made From Real Spanish Wood, Dyed a Deep Black
• Comes with Black Authentic Leather Sheath

Throughout history, there have been only a handful of places known for their bladesmithing mastery. Toledo, Spain, with it's mix of Moors and Spaniards, was (and still is) probably the most famous of those places. Blademakers brought together the science of Syrian metalsmiths with the experience of Spanish blacksmiths to come up with a new and unmatched method of creating weapon steel. For hundreds of years warriors and smiths from around the world sought out the masterful works of the Toledan smiths. Even today, Toledo is known for some of the most beautiful, rugged and well crafted swords in the world.

This dagger was made in Toledo, and is a decorative nod to the utility daggers of the medieval period. Small, with a sharply tapering blade, a rugged steel guard. The wooden grip has been dyed a deep black to hide stains ("I should have worn my brown pants today," said the pirate ship captain.)(Sorry, that's the punchline to an old joke.) The squat, "mushroom" pommel provides counterweight without bulk, making the dagger easy to hide and draw.

The blade on this dagger is nearly 11 inches, made from stainless steel to protect against rust and the elements. Because of this, the dagger is more of an art piece than an actual utility Knife. But the surgical steel is absolutely marvelous and polished to a mirror shine. The dagger comes with a genuine Spanish leather sheath that has a loop riveted to the back for easy belt wear.